2) Found a Club


STEP 1: Hit social media, talk to everyone you know and everyone they know. Start gathering a group of people that are interested in playing the greatest game. Review the USA Rugby League Domestic Competition Rules and Regulations and familiarize your group with the rules of the game. Rules and Regulations are updated annually so please send an email to usarlllc13@gmail.com to request the most recent document. Appoint up to 3 Club Directors who are willing and capable of bringing your club’s Vision/Mission/Values to fruition. Decide on a club name, colors, and logo.

STEP 2: Secure a suitable playing field with locker rooms & reasonable spectator facilities along with a practice field. Funding for clubs is always an uphill battle. Determine who will fund operations until you establish fund raising activities and sponsorship. When approaching potential sponsors, be prepared to express to them their return on investment. Apply to be a Limited Liability Company or a 501(c) (3) Not-For-Profit Incorporation. Record and minute any meetings. Start recruiting club administrators, coaching staff and players. Make sure to find a home for the club off the field; e.g., pub, bar or other meeting place and work with them to help raise funds.

All new clubs must submit a USA Rugby League Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Board of Directors for review and approval. Please send an email to usarlllc13@gmail.com to request the most up to date EOI.

All players MUST be registered with the league prior to playing a match. Visit the Player Registration section of our website for instructions on how to register.

STEP 3: Start small; grow big; host a 9s Tournament, tour off-season as a club to other USA Rugby League clubs to play as 13-a-side. Develop a strategy to educate and maintain Rugby League in your area; including players and coaches, administrators and match officials. Develop a marketing strategy to promote Rugby League through social media.

STEP 4: Kick off and have fun!